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My name is Jessica, 19 years old from Fargo: Non smoker. I have a boyfriend and i am happy with life, i think Wink! ;) I'm 45 years old, attractive, and educated, and i do not have kids. I work in south quay in customer services.

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Tut Secret: Ha! So in short Ukrainian men are off the dating list. We already have some Indian men who behave that way here. Of course things are changing for our generation but not completely yet.

Pawuyah: She wants to ne seen equal oh I didn't know equality was a german thing I always thought it was normam

AxyeH4Nk: When she wants the brexit

Diana00597: Gimme that *BOOTIE*

GhostDragon04: Irish, Russian, Costa Rican, and French accents were the best. The Irish accent in general is one of my favorite accents, along with Russian and German, because they sound angry yet adorable.

Troll Leader: I'm not even Eastern European (Irish and French genes but people think I look Russian or Polish lol.

Fangirl Gem: Hahahahaaa we Georgians often do that head pointing too it's really practical when you're busy stuffing your mouth like Big Smoke from GTA SA lol

Carley Aoun: Hahaha im israeli guy and let me tell you israeli girls are the most hardest and problem girls ever ! but if they travel around the world they love to get laid beacuse here in israeli everybody know everybody so they are very protective thats why the israeli guys know how to get laid any american girl its the most easy thing ive ever did lol

Gentarofourze: I need to go to Franceeeeeeee. I wanted to before because of the culture but this just further confirms it. God.

KatherineL: I relate a lot to this.

Sweetyvan: I'd like to see Polish man and woman jsut to check if i can relate ;)

Nestor Perez: I dated a girl from Lithuania and she had somehow the temperament of this girl in the video. Like she wouldn't allow me to sit too close to her or would feel intruded if I touched her back by chance or invade her personal space. She was really interested in talking about history, politics and geography. She was downright honest as well, so I knew when she started to like me right away :D

Skye Walker: If you haven't already agreed to go Dutch-whoever asks for the date pays for the date.

Huy Luong: After these female tourist leaves some will take back diseases to their country.

Susovan PAL: Him: for what?

Madame M.: Passionate is something entirely different. I know passionate.

Zietbukuel: Another dumb stereotype.

Ayden Mowatt: English people are big on processed food: canned, frozen, packaged food!

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My big shot is Lola, 19 years old from Miami: Someone can give it to me. I'm a 23-year old, slim, attractive female seeing for someone 35+, attractive, confident and successful. Fun, can carry on a conversation, taller the better.

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